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Advantages of our collection database

Use to manage your entire collection. Show off your collection as you wish, and save time and money.

Each object type

Each object type

Collect everything you want from an action figure to a tin plate.

Customized database

Customized database

You can customize the database to suit your needs.

Easy menu navigation

Easy menu navigation

Fully assisted, easy-to-understand menu.


Budget management

Automatically manage your finances.



Help keep track of opportunities.

Networked collections

Networked collections

Collections cross-referenced on a large collection database.

search function

Search Function

Advanced search, multi-level and nested funtion.

Unlimited search parameters

Unlimited search parameters

You can use as many search parameters as you want.

Personal Object Overview

Personal Object Overview

The functions of the object overview are completely personalized.

Flexible view

flexible Ansicht

Es liegt ganz alleine bei Dir nach welchen Kriterien Du Deine Sammlung anzeigst.

Professional Tools

Professional Tools

A wide range of useful and intuitive tools.

Object Types


Use only what interests you.

Your presentation

Your presentation

Create your own presentation for your collection.

Private presentations

Private presentations

Create presentations that only your friends can see.

unlimited presentations

Unlimited Presentations

Create a presentation for each occasion.

presentation update

Presentation Update

Presentations are automatically updated as your collection grows.

search listings

Search Listings

Automatically create lists of everything you are looking for.

sales lists

Sales Lists

Automatically creates lists of everything you want to sell.

Update of trading lists

Update of trading lists

Never again suffer from outdated lists.



Your collection database is secure in our cloud!

Wiki approach

Wiki approach

Benefit from the knowledge of all our users.

Always with you

Always with you

Always with you, for access when and where you need it.

Affiliate Programm

Affiliate program

The best way to earn money for fan sites and users.

Permanent development

Permanent development

We are developing the CB together with our users in the forum.

Manage everything in one database, right now

Fast support

We will try to answer as soon as possible.
We are developing together with our users. Therefore, if there are any questions (or problems) please consider raising them in the forum, as we may be able to answer queries other users have had but which they have not asked

multilingual Forum

multilingual Forum

Quick answers from us or other collectors.



If you want, write us an email.



If you prefer, you can also contact us via facebook. We will answer you as soon as possible.



Of course you can also reach us via Twitter.

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THE database for ALL collectors. – a test report

Yes, the Collectorbase seems indeed to be the salvation, in any case for those who collect many articles from more than one “product category” and would like to keep an on at – translated with google – Ultimate tools for collectors

The first big surprise was that working with the Collectorbase gave me a lot of fun. And she already convinced me, even if the full range of functions is still in work. read on at – translated with google

Collectorbase – A must for every collector

The Collectorbase keeps what it promises. It offers every collector its own personal administrative experience. Whoever regularly works with the Collectorbase can thus not only collect his collection piece by piece. He also gradually learns to adapt the Collectorbase perfectly to his own needs. …  read on at – translated with google

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