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What exactly is the COLLECTORBASE?

To keep it simple:
From our point of view is the ultimate collector’s aid.

Imagine anything a collector may need. We either already provide it, or it will be developed at a future stage.

For some parts of the COLLECTORBASE we had to reinvent the wheel, simply because there was no wheel out there that matched our demands.

(But obviously we don’t use wheels. We travel with deflector fields!)

About us

We all are collectors ourselves. Our normal jobs are as a computer scientist and an IT business engineer… and as a chef!

Most of us are Star Wars fans, but we are not ‘immune’ to other franchises or from collecting in other areas.
Because we are into collecting too, we know exactly the needs and longings of collectors.

We worked hard to discover what a collector’s workspace has to look like so that it can be used easily and seamlessly.
For it to work and to be what we wanted, had to offer lots of functionality, be easy to operate and adaptable to each collector’s own habits.

And we made it. It became the perfect workplace built by collectors for collectors.

Why create

The simple answer is that we got tired of continuously improvising. You know the drill for sure:
every type of collectible asks for a different collecting app that won’t link to anything else and STILL Excel will be your best friend. Or you abuse a tool that is suitable for some collection items but not for others. Always being limited, desperately looking for work arounds when the tool you like does not provide the function you need.

We spoke to some of the software producers, requested new features but – frankly – were just pitifully laughed at.
After seven years of fruitless debating and searching for the one true application we decided to do it on our own. We spent a year in design and another one for development, taking every detail into account and ended up with:

User Opinions


Our way to keep you informed

In our blog we will provide you with updates and background information on in general or on newly added functionality.
(And sometimes we may just ponder over collectibles or similar topics of interest!)

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